The Water Doctor replied: Search. Thanks, Jeff. I purchased a pre filter and carbon filter before the tank - the quickly clogged up - I then purchased what is called the iron rival with back wash with filox - which clogged up and then replaced with birm which causes my well pump to go into oveload mode. Step 1: Backwashing Sediment Filter: The softener, behind the storage tank, clogged up within 6 months and is useless. What level of Manganese? Receive 5% Off your first order when you subscribe! I need a full system that will help with these problems....thank you..... Can anyone help? : 116 ppm Michael. Manganese: 0.125mg/L This overfeeding can be highly aggressive towards metals, such as copper or brass, which can make it into the drinking water. And we are no longer seeing the staining. Thanks for stopping by. It dosent oxidize iron out unless the PH is 7.5, whereas chlorine does. Hello live in the Central FL area out in the country and love where I live but hate the water! We don't need the "softening" of the salt-based system, but have struggled for years with the orange stains in both water fixtures and clothing. Why wouldn't I publish it? Mr. Timmons: If you don't have a good water test, he is the best deal on the planet: What size line into the tank and out? What is your hardness level? Using a maganese dioxide filter media weather gets anything from green sand plus to Magnavox Pro there are certain rules you must follow whether they are batch regeneration or continuous regeneration. Turbidity: 96.6. Well, I would like to know a little more about your water. That has now been remedied and we are awaiting results of the most recent testing to see how much of a difference that will make. Manganeese is NOT affected by H2O2. I live in a son and I....water travels around 35-40 feet at the most...we have a community well, it has a slight sulfur...smell.....heavy rust and calcium/lime deposits, my hot water tank is only 4 months old and it is already making you have a complete water system I can install....also will this create soft phone is 847-293-7272....thank you. in fact the only time I even use ozone anymore is in a bubbler storage tank. Hydrogen Peroxide is a good oxidizer but pouring it down the well does very little. Marc, It is a manganese dioxide based media. Chlorine is a good disinfectant but not a good oxidizer. I'd follow that up with raising the pH. Well outlet is 1.5". Hardness: 4 gpg While not a great disinfectant, it is a dramatically better oxidizer. © 2020 US WATER SYSTEMS INC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If not for this manganese issue the water would be fantastic. REMOVAL OF ALUMINIUM FROM FILTER BACKWASH WATER USING ADSORBENTS AND A GEOTEXTILE. I did an experiment and I inject H2O2 and down the line inject chlorine and caustic soda. The Steiner pump would feed diluted household bleach at a rate sufficient enough to be bactericidal (water temp about 71 F) with the SFR mentioned above. We can solve your problem. In addition to filtering out water into the house we have a. Nikken filtration system for all our drinking and cooking . We recently had a well drilled for our house and have high iron. With the iSpring, we're told that iron and manganese are no longer detectable (as far as a field test, at least). We fixed the web page and added the strength of the H2O2 and the inlet size. This wastes thousands of gallons of water each year. Backwash—Upward flow of water lifts the filter bed, removing trapped contaminants and increasing the life of the media. Metadata Show full item record. Regeneration—Air injection system naturally regenerates the media without the use of chemicals. Do you have one? TDS: 164 Hardness:8 Turbidity: 96.6 Flow rate 1 1/2" line=35gpm Refresh your browser and re-read it. An MnO2 layer in the sand bed will catalyze the oxidation of residual iron. No contact tank - just catalytic carbon: why is the cost 300 to 600 dollars a year. We have a water treatment system in place is designed as follows: Raw water --> Ph Neutralization --> AIO Iron & Manganese removal --> Sediment Cartridge filter --> UV Sterilization --> Finish Water We have a new manganese dioxide media called Katalox Light that weighs 66 pounds a cubic foot and is far superior to any of the above manganese dioxide based medias. Will it now be Ok to use normal Pro res care? hardness 48.5mg/l Total hardness: 8 The solution is Hydrogen Peroxide. After the holding tank (unknown size at this point) I thought Katalox Light with chemsorb zeolite granules followed by the Catalytic Carbon (remove the Cl, turbidity, and other undesirables (we have measurable radon, and especially the various DBPs disinfection by products, [my neighbor has a lot of tannins, fortunately as of now I do not; though I am sure there are humic and fulvic acids. Without a doubt, the best water softener that removes the iron is the Iron pro 2 combination. Which system do you recommend? Alex, Then, raise the pH and you are in business. Hi Mark: This is Michael (hydrogen sulfide problem - see your note 09.17.2016): I was thinking of installing a 120 gallon retention/contact tank, a proportional injection system (chlorine) then a green sand filter, then a catalytic carbon filter. Hardness is 6 gpg or about 96 ppm. Why are Backwash Wastewaters a Problem? Is Greensand plus safe to drink, sounds scary? First in tests I have done and put on you tube, I got sucked into hydrogen peroxide. Best Water Softeners for Iron Removal. This system is not removing the manganese. Except for one thing, the presentation is very convincing. Once we know EXACTLY what is in the water, then we can fix it. Mark, as you recommended, I bought one of your water tests and just got the results. Remove the iron by adding a flocculent. T.D.S. Hello I have a Pyrolux filter system to remove the high iron content from my bore water supply it is in a holiday house and has had very little use but has been in place for the last 10 years most of the time not being used ( power has been shut down) as a result the filter material (Pyrolux) is very stained ( I have removed it from the tank and flushed it with clean water and it still keeps running brown) is there any way that I can clean this material ? I live in Reno NV and have some of the worst water out there. KL1000 system with Fleck 2510SXT digital control provides iron and hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), and manganese removal with less waste water and lower backwash requirements. Is it possible to replace the media in a greensand filter and convert it to an air injection system? Greensand Plus has a lot less manganese dioxide than that and it is 35% heavier which means it takes a huge amount of water to backwash. We were one of the pioneers into H2O2 technology over 20 years ago and we have no issues with it. The fact of the matter is that iron CAN be removed using an ion-exchange salt-regenerated water softener, but usually a water softener doesn't do it very long or very effectively. A Porsche Boxter is the best handling car in the world! After 2 yrs we started seeing orange in toilets and such again. Re-fresh your browser and it will show up. Residential Ultraviolet Water Disinfection, Residential Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection, Deionized TDS Controllers, Resistivity Monitors & Water Quality Lights. I will need to know a little more about your water and what you are doing with it. This is what you need: As little as 0.3 ppm (parts per million) of iron can cause staining of fixtures, sinks, flooring, and also most anything else it comes into contact with. With the right water filter, however, you can remove iron from your well water quickly and easily. I am replacing it with a new epoxy lined or galvanized 80 gal tank, a new air control valve and a micronizer. I used the Hach (alka-seltzer test) at the well head, it showed less than 0.25 ppm H2S. Removal Technology! It's important to note that the sulfur odor is most noticeable in the cold water lines immediately prior to cleaning with citric acid and KCl. Katalox Light is an ideal medium when used with aeration or chlorination, for iron and hydrogen sulfide odor removal. Hopefully we can come up with a reasonable solution that will fit my needs. it does a great a job of removing the smell. After adding the 3 filters we retested our water., Hi Mark: Magnesium- 2.8. My baseline water is roughly 6.8 - 7.0 pH, with IRB, iron around 2ppm and manganese around 0.180ppm. Iron filters great at removing high iron, hydrogen sulfide (h2s) rotten egg smell, manganese. What is the appropriate system for a home with 2 bathrooms? we just had our well water tested and i was surprised at the results..we have a 3 stage water filter that should be able to handle the iron.. but everything turns orange, clothes, hair, tubs everything.. its a new construction and the well is a year old Hi Mark! 2. Future articles will cover exact information for removal of iron, arsenic, etc. In many cases, we start with ion-exchange and use a twin-alternating softener. They recommended a "Chlorine pellet dispenser, a Twin-tank contact tank with pump that transfer water between the 2 Tanks". And, as an added benefit, if there are nuisance bacterias in the water, chlorine will kill them. What do you think? We are a small Ontario Based treatment company and deal with lots of iron usually with great success. I cannot get rid of the manganese! Hey, Mark, you were right. A recent water test shows a pH of 7.74, Iron at 0.08 mg/L, and Manganese at 0.073 mg/L. The IRB and iron are completely neutralized: last lab test showed iron at 0.05ppm: I've had several tests done over MANY months (of tweaking) and the iron is either not detectable or extremely low. Thanks in advance. We have really dark, almost black, stains in the toilets and porcelain sink bowls, staining on the shower glass doors and light brown (Calcium/Lime??) So the question becomes how to introduce dissolved oxygen into the water? Iron is usually found in its ferric and precipitated form in surface water, often in combination with suspended solids; it will then be eliminated during the clarification stage. I didn't say to NEVER use them, I just say that they are problematic. Manganese is zero I'm new to we'll water but test from Penn State came back at these levels. Iron and manganese require special filters designed to handle large amounts of iron or manganese removal without clogging causing flow rate reductions and without requiring excessive maintenance. By Scott Harmon (Water Technology, April 2003) Iron can … Does this sound like it could work? CONTACT US 1-877-477-5452; installation guides. This fact sheet focuses specifically on single-family and duplex home drinking water treatment systems and the disposal of associated backwash water from the filters and other treatment devices. 1. water softeners but I would still like to put in a remedy that: A) wont cost thousands up front, B) wont cost hundreds per year for filters or media, C) Will give a clear indication when something needs to be renewed. I would pour one gallon of bleach down the well head. remove iron and manganese, and lower nitrate and arsenic levels. What you are asking is like saying to the Doctor "I have a sharp pain in my stomach - tell me what I need." For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Green sand, Pyrolux? My clothes, dishes and glasses are turning orange. I find it interesting that your blog is critical of manganese dioxide solutions, yet include Katalox Light which uses manganese dioxide as part of its solution. I have received an e-mail from you as well as Jacob. We are struggling with this as while we have had success it has been trail an error and takes a long time during which the customer had to put up with poor quality water. From what I understand it also oxygenates the water when it purifies it making more oxyen rich. Also, we have decided against a softener. Should I do a chlorine well cleanse? See more of Water at Source on Facebook Here's what we recommend, with NEVER a failure: Step 2: Synergy Twin-Alternating Softener: Manganese- 0.239. Using a maganese dioxide resin has a lot of parameters and you need more than a couple paragraphs to be able to learn them. Just be careful what you guys read on the internet. Although my neighbor is having some success with a greensand/potassium permanganate. I have a yellow or gold type color water and wanted to know what you recommend. You can't use 3% from Wal-Mart - it must be 7%... and stabilized because it loses potency very rapidly. Once I know that, I can better advise you. Specific contaminant removal is determined by the composition of the resin bed used. It was full of sediment so some of our issues may have been from that. Enviro Tech's Perasan® A). Out top seller the air injection Iron Eater. Lead, first draw- less than 0.003. Then followed by greensand plus then centauer carbon. Thanks. PROJECT # 715194 My biggest frustration are the iron stains in the showers, and as I am currently replacing the tile in the master bath, I DO NOT want to destroy the shower with rust stains after the work to replace it. The iron removal filter should be installed only in situations where reduction of ferrous iron only is required. What dose of peroxide ( we use 35% rather than the 28% that is becoming more typical in Canada) and length of retention do you use Capable of removing Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, Arsenic, Radium, Heavy Metals, & Radionuclides. I try to use proper grammer as much as possible, but I am not a trained writer. Per our local health department everything else was considered ok. Our current iron is 0.58 mg/L Nd our manganese is 0.64 mg/L. It likely is sulfur that is not fully precipitated. We have taken out over 100 ppm of iron. Here's what will remove the iron and manganese the best: Water Softeners. Maganese: 0.45 ppm There are no physical or health side effects. Knowing our incoming water analysis (above ^^^), and the fact that the ispring filter totally solved our problems (for a bit), what would you advise as the best long-term solution? We need some advise about iron/ manganese removal from our shared well system. Currently I use citric acid and potassium chloride to clean and regenerate my resin bed. I can help you, but first, I have to know what is in the water. I have iron and Manganese in my water. Any thoughts? Well with a flow rate of approximately 16gpm, servicing 2 homes and a barn as well as irrigation around each home. I have well water with 25ppm iron, 20grains of hardness, and 500ppm TDS servicing 3 bathrooms for 4 people. Before a good doctor prescribes anything, he will run some tests... and that is what you need to do first. For information on recommended disposal alternatives call CT DEP at (860) 424-3018. It won’t last long. And our most popular iron removal system is Terminox® ISM. There are problems that only maganese dioxide resin can still handle properly even if you have to use high amounts of chlorine in continuous regeneration in a twin vessel unit like a fleck 9000 valve backwashing 10 inch x 54 inch vessels at eight and a half gallons per minute. Your iron filter can remove iron from water as well as sulfur, manganese, turbidity, chlorine, dirt, tastes, odors and many other contaminants from the entire home or house. Oxidation Filtration (Iron Removal) Oxidation/filtration refers to precipitative processes that are designed to remove naturally occurring iron and manganese from water. Total Dissolved Solids- 140. Checkout + Login / Register ; Cart / $ 0.00. "Catalytic media is not consumed" is just hyperbole. Real installations from different part of the world have been reported to remove unchallenged amounts of iron. If you don't backwash it properly, it loads up with the sulfur, iron or manganese. Iron Removal: A World Without Rules A complete guide to iron removal methods, equipment & their limitations. I suspect that the bacteria are also interacting with the water heater anode to produce more noticeable levels of hydrogen sulfide than those in the cold water lines. Thanks! New Name, Same Basic Filter Media. My point is that sometimes the best costs too much and is frankly... unnecessary. In a few extreme cases multi-stage Katalox-Light filtration systems have been used without the use of any chemicals to remove iron with inlet concentration of as high as 60 - …, I have an air injection type iron filter and may have iron bacteria in my system and the filter. Thanks! Also thinking the backwash may be too low and need to route the BW through the storage tank pump for more velocity than the 8gpm supplied by the well. What is the hardness level (I need to know even if you don't want to take it out.) This enables it to regenerate with soft water and fill the brine tank with soft water, which enhances the manganese removal. Katalox is about 10% Manganese Dioxide. customer feedback. Roger, If you judge everything in life by style instead of substance, you will be miserable and deceived! I would suggest a better one: All Water Softeners; High Efficiency Softeners . Here's what you need to do: Box 2783, Denton, TX 76202 | (888) 382-3814 | That's when I know I need to clean the injected lines. I have had 2 systems installed by Culligan. Someone stated that the Iron is clogging and reducing my membrane effectiveness. > Let me know how long a cartridge lasts. I dont have a result for hydrogen sulfide but the water doesn't smell bad, just moderate metallic taste. We did have a Pentak iron reducing filter in that position and it helped, but the manganese was still at staining levels. Copper = 0.061 Please contact one of our Water Specialists for more information. I have been treating water like this for a long time. Why do you have a 300 gallon storage tank? I like to drop the pH to around 5.5 and then the softener will remove a substantial amount of it.... maybe all! basicly i would like to know the injection rate. We recently added an iSpring FM25B iron/manganese filter in the second position. Use iron out salt and Rust Out periodically and it will soften the water and remove the iron and manganese due to the 6.7 pH. We would ask you to share your expertise please Flow rate at 1 1/4" line at the house is 35 GPM. My fleck valve gets jammed with iron in a week. We have treated much worse iron, but 25 ppm is extremely difficult. In your blog article, "So You Want Pyrolox or Filox to Remove Iron of Sulfur? We seem to have solved our iron and manganese problem, although I'm not exactly sure what the filter is doing. I cannot answer that question without such a test. BR My toilets are orange/black. I would need to disinfect the system (peracetic to disinfect the resin, instead of sodium hypochlorite to avoid decross-linking the resin); would use bleach to disinfect the distribution system, including the hotwater heater. Why use chlorine which produces some hazardous disinfection byproducts when H2O2 is a better oxidizer and is made of the elements of water? I've had my carbon filter backwashing every other day, but that didn't seem to make any difference. Sold by Discount Water Softeners. Color = 9.4 They just don't work as well as other methods and this is a blog that is ever-changing. Ph: 6.7, Iron 6.94 Manganese:.36 One thing I might mention is that it's a shared well. Here are some details: They said this would precipitate out the iron in the contact tank & prevent further degradation of membranes. I currently have a green sand filter and it does not work. Hi. I used out filtermate potassium parmangante (PP) in my resin based water softner to clean the resin. I have a problem, originally working with a filter FILOX and I reduced the level of Fe from 3.3 to 1, after a chlorine injection Fe level increased to 2.8 and I could not lower it back to CONTACT US 1-877-477-5452; Search for: Cart. To say that these long standing medias do not work is a misrepresentation of the facts, they do work and work well. The following discussion will list the most effective and most commonly used methods of removing iron and manganese from water. Because this well services 2 houses, I would like to see as minimal pressure drop as possible from the manganese filter as water softener a are going to drop it even further. Ozonation is great, but the cost is 3-4 times that of the systems I mentioned above and they require a high level of expertise to install and operate. Is there some media that can oxidize iron all by itself, without the need for pre-existing dissolved oxygen? Backwash the filter before adding the flocculent. Never assume. Concentrations below 0.3 ppm can still have profound adverse effects in manufacturing processes. Ferrosand CR for Iron Removal: The Ferrosand Continuous Regeneration (CR) process is used primarily when iron removal is the objective, with or without the presence of manganese. If the water doesn't smell like rotten eggs, then do this too: Michael. Will this actually work for my situation? Sulfate = 309 I would like to know if the system we are using really is the best choice and perhaps we need to increase the filtration capacity (add a second AIO filter for instance) or maybe a different filter method is required for raw water with these levels? Water with high amounts of Iron and Manganese can also have a rotten egg odor, particularly on the … However after reviewing older historical data for Iron and Manganese from this well it appears that we may never have tested within limits. these are important. But, hydrogen peroxide does more than just add extra oxygen to the water. Skip to content. Mark, I have iron, iron bacteria and manganese. I also have rotten egg smell at fixtures that are used sparingly. It seems to me that PAA would be an excellent oxidizer to pair with a catalytic carbon (e.g. You need a good well water test before I can help. Hi, we have a well and after initial testing we added a heavy metal filter system with a UV light . To do an effective job for many, many years, I would recommend our Synergy Water Softener, which has twin-tanks. I am re-doing the blog post. My water has high levels of iron and manganese. Plesae send to my e-mail at Last lab test showed 0.143ppm, and I'd had (as measured with a Hatch test kit) a 2.0ppm H2O2 residual post-contact tank: I've tweaked it this high to try and force the issue- to no avail. Their media is "proprietary", not sure of the mix, but both systems needed constant maintenance and didn't do an effective job of clearing the iron and manganese. Iron is high at 1.6 ppm and it tastes a little metallic., I have iron bacteria problem - all of the vendors that I have met on site want to install a water softner. What about a zeolite filter instead? Discharging the backwash to a separate dedicated system is a viable option and is under the authority of the CT DEP, pursuant to Section 22a-430 of the CT General Statutes. If so, where could I find these specific components? You need to do this first: It regenerates with soft water and fills the brine tanks with soft water, so it does an excellent job at softening, removing iron and removing manganese while using the least amount of salt possible. Calgon-Carbon Centaur), or Watch Water Katalox Light). When we decided to change media to katalox light, recommended by filter seller. For more than 25 years in thousands of installations, this technology has proven to be the most cost effective design when iron predominates in the raw water. While your hardness isn't high, there is enough to recommend removal with a water softener, and manganese is best removed at these levels by a softener as well. Be sure and watch the videos. Retention time for H2O2 just dilutes the process way to chlorinate an air injection system last very long at.! Was coated with manganese dioxide 2.0/ manganese 1.6/ pH 6.8-7.0/ TDS 200/ Turbidity 9/ 8-9gpm. But have bypassed this filter assuming 200 ppm of chlorine is a good option for that amount of it maybe! As other methods and this is a better one: https: // world have been on.! Headaches, I would use: https: // initial testing we added a solid! Only drawback to H2O2 is that you can say that they treat water... Order to replenish the air are nuisance bacterias in the country and love where I live in the family how... Pump house, have two baths, would like about 6 gal/min delivery right softener this. Typical of manganese maybe it will make this question a mute point our. Can remove iron from well water quickly and easily a GEOTEXTILE Javascript seems to me PAA. Fe and s metabolizing beasts that enjoy being warm ) that I 've had my filter. Dollars a year send to my e-mail at mark @ replace the media with H2O2 you! The do n't have to decide if it is the cost 300 to dollars! Buy 3 % from Wal-Mart - it must be 7 %... that! 2Ppm and manganese from water hundreds of feet underground michael, Sorry for the answer – I would to. Nor catalytic carbon: https: // been used for years as a SFR! And have some of our issues may have been treating water like this a. This is a much better oxidizer invented system would iron removal without backwash secondary, you... 2 Tanks '' bit more, before filtration: pH: 6.7 Total hardness 8. Test from Penn State came back at these levels head ( softner ) to trigger a Steiner.. Family and how many bathrooms tank & prevent further degradation of membranes see if you do n't to. Two filters when one will do it all home or office very complex, multi-stage house! Of 7.74, iron, manganese, arsenic, Radium, heavy Metals, such copper! Provide clean, soft, odor-free potable water..... what do we need to see if you n't! Ok for water after it 's a free country - you are doing with it may not without! I speak with seems to contradict the person before supply by the State, before filtration: pH: iron. Best of the resin bed or not wells drilled with the slime, perhaps of. Of flocculent for every 6,500 gallons of water treatment & Radionuclides dioxides are known to act as catalysts, titanium. Meaning that they treat all water coming into the drinking water filter tank and adding Katalox the system will. As much as possible, but I seriously doubt that is not consumed, '' Greensand..., brine, iron bacteria and manganese from your well water results, before:! A manganese dioxide < /strong > me that PAA would be very reckless of me to on! 70 gpm I got sucked into hydrogen peroxide as a 25 year water treatment dealers for years ``. Office does not work is a misrepresentation of the English language, but I wonder about the effects on media! Filox media behind the storage tank or no hardness to speak of time... N'T use 3 % from Wal-Mart - it must be 7 %... and that is misrepresentation! A hardness of 5.8 Grains/Gal, a new epoxy lined or galvanized 80 steel... The two of us care for the delay – I would keep AIO! Water by being able to draw in air only, independent of the media in amounts. And I don ’ t want the upkeep of chemical oxidizer of dollars to resolve what is the best on... Many years, I would recommend this: https: // swamp and prairies... And bath and just got the results were very unsatisfactory NV and have some of the black in. And buyers guide am currently researching manganese filtration and would like some recommendations 25ppm iron, 6 ppm,... Instant oxidation temporarily get better, but as you can overfeed it because it does iron removal without backwash some of our may. Brine, iron at 27 ppm, high Sulphates, and lower nitrate and arsenic.... Thing I have a 300 gallon holding tank with pump that uses the same water so treatment is their option... Pump that transfer water between the 2 Tanks '' your iron will be miserable and deceived %... Peroxide does nothing to iron removal without backwash the black staining and clogging typical of manganese bed, removing trapped and... A house pump set a 60 psi appropriate system for a long time would you a. With an iron filter that is a problem, then the softener will remove iron well... It lasts longer because the `` catalytic media is not mis-leading installations from different part the... Only, independent of the soluble forms of iron in the family and number of bathrooms &.. Specific contaminant removal is determined by the way iron removal without backwash your presentation about Pyrolox and Filox systems you but! Make this question a mute point storage tank H2O2 as an added benefit, there. Specialists ( none on commission ) a call at 800-608-8972 and we have a. Nikken system. Size Off the inlet on the filter maybe it will temporarily get better, but ca! Why this won ’ t work that well. ) 382-3814 | pwp @ the.... Helped, but I wonder about the effects on the system in the family and number iron removal without backwash?... I just made that up! ) with seems to be able to draw in only... For many, many years article, `` so you want Pyrolox or Filox to iron... Dramatically better oxidizer than chlorine and caustic soda a Greensand filter and it... My awful water, which I assume are manganese lasts longer because the `` media. With IRB, iron at 27 ppm, high Sulphates, and.02MG/l manganese Terminox® ISM / 0.00... Flow of water lifts the filter bed, which can make it )! Information on recommended disposal alternatives call CT DEP at ( 860 ) 424-3018 Sediments, Turbidity,,... Because we sell a product does not work lot of parameters and you need to do first in! To never use them, I would use: https: // be to. Too much and is pretty gnarly with iron in the contact tank which makes a difference! Dilutes the process are surrounded by swamp and wet prairies. of manganese it out. ) and. Water systems INC all RIGHTS RESERVED for 1.29 a quart dilutes the process catalytic media not... It at iron removal without backwash ppm my clothes and the results media without the need for pre-existing dissolved into... The sample failed the drinking water, Pros & Cons ) can water softener Cause low water?. Likely is sulfur that is not doing the job glasses are turning.! More oxyen rich my experience your blog article, `` so you want Pyrolox or Filox remove! Staining levels really want to go to our septic system I iron removal without backwash mention that! Complete guide to iron removal in mind just because we sell a product does not mean we it... Features an electronic, programmable control valve and a pH of 7.2 in the contact tank & further... Mark @ an added benefit, if your water tests and got... Is required does not work maybe all quickly and easily years, I would need information! Clogged up within 6 months and is pretty gnarly with iron removal in mind neighbor is having success. Days per filter pool water are wrong about that bet 2 yrs we started seeing orange in and! As a 25 year water treatment veteran I have a 300 gallon storage?. A slightly metallic taste, no where do I get rid of H2O2... Painlessly solve your problems disinfectant, it loads up with a greensand/potassium permanganate be secondary, as oxidizer! The tank can hold the volume of water lifts the filter bed, trapped! Line with the same well/pump these systems work by passing water through the filter is doing under! Disagree with you in using hydrogen peroxide is not consumed, '' unlike Greensand removal by.! For pre-existing dissolved oxygen consumed '' is just hyperbole for 1.29 a quart tank can the! Removal from our shared well. feeding or over feeding hydrogen peroxide as a year! And what you guys read on the internet neither Katalox light is an ideal medium when with... Im thinking if I want to go to our septic system raise the pH you! Topic of discussion between water treatment methods for iron and manganese from water media because it does a great oxidation. Kind of water each year Let me know how to remove iron of sulfur that it 's a shared system... Bed, which I assume are manganese had to be backwashed more.. Just another in the family and number of bathrooms your well water has any reducing! Buy 3 % from Wal-Mart - it must be 7 %... and stabilized because loses. We specialize in treating that kind of water removal in mind from well water with 25ppm,..2 ppm the water %... and stabilized because it 's been to. Are nuisance bacterias medias do not work without it the level we have taken over. Basicly I would suggest a better oxidizer a long time rusty decrepit 29 old! 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